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Additional services, for everybody

AS140926 – 251 Research Re:Dive!

251's Research Redive is a non-profit project for research Internet censorship, founded by Kiryuu Sakuya (a.k.a misaka00251).

For more information, please visit


You may need to communicate one or more pieces of confidential information without sending a standard e-mail or paper. This service enables you to send an address with simple but secure access. The server stores the ciphered data, which remains unreadable.


Use OpenNIC as upstream.

Collaborative Markdown Pad:

A realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms.


I don't want your private subscription URL. If you trust me, then you can use this service.

Minecraft Server:

Website language: Chinese

Minecraft > <

About personal data

We committed never to disclose your personal data to any third-party. Personal data such as email addresses are never resold and are only used to contact you.

Server is located in Japan, South Korea & China mainland (Minecraft only).

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You can't. Although I provide a canary.