If you want to contact me directly, use these methods.

Update date: 2019-04-24


This is the most efficient way.

From China?

Don't look down. This is it.

Please send your Email to misaka00251 at misakanet dot cn. Thank you.

For Business

Please send your Email to misaka00251 at protonmail dot com.

For Personal

Please send your Email to 251 at rbq dot pw.

Note: If you do not encrypt your message and include your public key do not expect a response.

GPG key: Download Here.

Beware: Both Protonmail & Personal Email won't reply to Mainland China's Email account.


Currently, you can contact me on Telegram.


Currently, I'm on

Tencent Stuff

I use QQ. If you want to add me on QQ, please contact me on Telegram first.


What do you want?